Fundamentals of Typography & Graphic Design // Columbus State University
Students were asked to visually reinforce the meaning of five words on a 6 x 6 inch canvas by intelligently playing with typography. This was the first project where the students were asked to manipulate type.

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Tori Neundorfer

José Rosario

Typography // Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
Defined as a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action, the term “Self” seems to be more substantial than the skin of ourselves we allow the public to see. During a five week summer session in 2014, students were asked to consider whether we have lost our ability to identify beyond the superficial “us” that we make public through social media, technology, or the internet. 

They were asked to define their personal idea of “self” and how could it be visualized in a found object. Using this found object, each student was required to create a conceptual typeface that visually represented their conclusions. Each letter was first crafted by hand, photographed or scanned and presented as a final two by five foot poster. 

The students’ final work was displayed as an exhibit entitled Exploring Self: A Study in Typography, Student work from Typography, Summer II 2014 in the University’s Islander Gallery, Gallery Three. Below is a selection of letters from five students who partook in the course.

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Luis Dimas, At Play
I have always viewed myself as being a child at heart. I channeled that child and played with these toys as I would when I was younger setting up scenarios of a never ending battle of good versus evil. The results were an expression of my inner child filtered through a still maturing adult.


Thi Nguyen, Eagan
The world is never black and white, we stamp our fruitful impact.
2015 Gold ADDY // AAF-Corpus Christi

Sydney Sanders, Cyclone of Finesse
An Oxymoron
A Constant Controlled Chaos Spiraling with Grace
2015 Silver ADDY // AAF District 10, 2015 Gold ADDY // AAF-Corpus Christi

Monica Viveros, Mosavi
Letterforms created from Collected Memories
2015 Gold ADDY // AAF-Corpus Christi

Tina Lentz, Seasons
Nature's own seasons // Are Mirrors of our lives: // Renewal and Change
2015 Gold ADDY // AAF-Corpus Christi