A bit of inspiration.

Apple's first Think different commercial that begins, "Here's to the Crazy Ones", which was narrated by Steve Jobs. It never aired. Actor Richard Dreyfuss did the voice-over for the final version, leaving Jobs arguably better version largely unseen.

Printer Recommendation

Click to read more information about the Artisan 1430.Click the image for more information. One of the main things that helped me through both my undergraduate and graduate studies was owning a high-quality printer. It gave me the flexibility to continue to work on my designs until I was satisfied with them and often extended my working schedule.

If I were to recommend a printer today, I would suggest the EPSON Artisan 1430. At $300 you gain the ability to print on various types of paper up to 13 x 19 inches.

Dodging and Burning Explained

When I was in school a favorite class of mine outside of design was photography. At the time digital photography was in its infancy and was extremely expensive for even businesses to pursue, so I learned how to work with film. Many of the tools you use today in Photoshop originated in darkrooms like the one I spent many hours in myself. The article linked below specifically discusses the origins of dodging and burning and how you can use them today to enhance your digital photos. Enjoy!

What Are Burning and Dodging And How They Help Your Photos