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Now that you have taken care of the essentials it’s time to start looking for a new job. Here are just 10 things to consider as you go about your search for a new job.

  1. Start Early. It’s hard to fathom but it is very easy to put off the start of your job search. Whether you are recovering from the idea of being unemployed or if you feel that you just need a vacation, it is amazing how much time can pass before we start looking for a new job. In such a competitive market the sooner you can get your name out there the better.
  2. Consider What You Want. Most folks will skip this step as they are worried about finding a new job, but take the time and consider what it is that you want from a job. Treating your unemployment as an opportunity to find the best possible fit for you will do wonders throughout the process of obtaining a new position. 
  3. Conduct a Broad Geographic Search. Unless you are tied to location look everywhere. Your ideal job may be somewhere you have never even thought to look. Most job searches ask for a location, if you leave it blank it will search the entire archive. 
  4. Be Adventurous. Now is not the time to worry about where you will end up. What is important is that you are happy so never rule out a location because of self doubt; any place can be great if you make it so. The unknown can be very scary, but if we challenge ourselves with that risk we can grow tremendously. Although I knew nothing of Texas before I moved there, I cannot imagine my life without the memories and friends that I made while I lived there.   
  5. Keep a Record. Whether a spreadsheet or a simple list, keep track of all the jobs you have applied. This is especially important if you are receiving unemployment wages as it will serve as an active record that will help prove your eligibility each week. 
  6. Explore Government Positions. Jobs in the US government are often overlooked by most people, unemployed or not, but they offer top notch benefits and excellent opportunities to advance. Be sure to note the position title that appears when you conduct your search as a civilian position may adopt a more casual title. For example, Graphic Designers are often referred to as Visual Information Specialists. Visit to start your search.
  7. Explore Positions in Higher Education. Colleges and universities are full-functioning businesses with many roles beyond that of educator. There is ample room for advancement and the benefits are often second to none. Look at for opportunities all across the globe.
  8. Don’t Search Everyday. While it may seem like something you need to do, searching for jobs everyday can mentally wear you out. The biggest challenge while unemployed is to remain positive. Scheduling your job search twice a week will help to guarantee that there are new positions for you to consider. 
  9. Communicate. Unemployment, as we will discuss, has an affect on others in your life, so it is important to clearly communicate to those who may be affected by your new job. This does not mean that you need permission from your friends or family, but if you have a significant other, they need to be involved in your decision making process. 
  10. Stay Positive. Having a positive attitude becomes more difficult as your job search continues, however keep your head up and continue to push forward. I believe that there is an opportunity out there for everyone, we just may not know what it is right away.