Review // Humans of New York, Stories

Having only heard of Humans of New York and never venturing to the blog, Stories was a wonderful introduction to Stanton's journey to capture the people on the streets of New York. Each portrait accompanies a short quote or more detailed account of Stanton's interaction with those he approached to interview and photograph. Thematically organized, the book shares often poignant perspectives that any reader can relate. 

As I read through the stories and looked at each individual portrait, I found myself relating to some of the stories, saddened by others, inspired, and even further convinced that New York is a City where the world meets and thrives. 

A casual read—easily read in one or two sittings—I highly recommend taking the time to purchase and read the book, follow the blog and reflect and relate to the stories being told.

Humans of New York, Stories can be found on Amazon for $17. 

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