Notes // Amazon Smile

On any one of my book reviews I encourage folks to shop on and help contribute to any charity of your choice. I am not being paid to recommend this service, however it is a service I use when shopping on Amazon. The percentage that is donated to your charity is small and it has been argued that the amount contributed over the course of year is minimal at best. But every little bit counts and I use Amazon Smile as just one outlet in which I contribute to the Wounded Warriors Project (my charity of choice).

Amazon Smile operates by contributing a percentage of your total purchase to your charity. The act of shopping on the site is the catalyst for the donation process. The prices have not increased, there is no charge on your final bill, you shop and Amazon contributes the rest. 

Many of the books that I have in queue, I actually purchase at a second hand book store or used via Amazon and this is why Amazon Smile is only one outlet for which I contribute to my charity. So as you read my reviews consider checking out Amazon Smile, you honestly have nothing to lose.