Thoughts // Dumbstruck

I have been known to be pretty outspoken when it comes to work that reflects organizations within the creative industry and to be fair some of my criticism has been unwarranted and can be chalked up to ignoring the filter between my brain and mouth.

But then I received the promotion on the right and I was left dumbstruck that a creative organization, one which should champion originality, had blatantly ripped off long held concepts of a major franchise. It is embarrassing and warrants a response. I understand creating inspired work is difficult. As a creative professionals we are faced with unrealistic timelines, budgets and expectations, but such limitations come with our job and there is absolutely no excuse to justify the actions of the designer, studio or ad agency who is responsible. 

Simply put, this is an unethical practice.

Being inspired by a color combination, environment, mission, event, photography, illustrations or even an idea presented by the client is the task that we undertake as creative professionals. It is a challenge that, as an academic, I pass onto my students on every project they are tasked to complete. Copy an existing concept or produce work that is not original and they fail. Do it again and they are subject to academic punishment by the university's department of judicial affairs. Plagiarism is not tolerated, it is that simple.

Overcoming such challenges and producing exceptional work no matter the occasion is vital for an industry that often struggles to gain respect among businesses and industries that have been deemed "more important". The actions of the American Advertising Foundation of Corpus Christi, the member companies and other individual members must be condemned and each individual held responsible for distributing a piece that clearly ignores all ethical design standards.

2016 AAF–CC ADDY Save the Date