Review // The Martian

One day, one book. A page turner. A book whose story is absolutely captivating and all other tasks are set aside while I read to see how the story will conclude. An unexpected read, The Martian, was a much needed break from the monotonous task that has become Start with Why and an opportunity to imagine a world and its characters from the author's words alone.

One giant leap for mankind… we have reached mars, but per usual fate rears her ugly head and with a single event we are introduced to our new best friend, Watney. An astronaut, botanist, mechanical engineer, and everybody's favorite smartass his daily misadventures, triumphs and failures are recorded in a series of unfiltered daily logs.

It is through these records where I, the reader, identified with his creativity in solving an unending evolution of problems. While his skills as a mechanical engineer and botanist play a role in his story, as the reader you are constantly questioning "How will he improvise his next solution?"

Whether intended or not the author successfully communicates that there is not always a designed method to solve a problem, yet the problem still exists. The Martian delivers a story that champions this way of thinking and I highly recommend that you take it for a spin. You, too, may identify with Watney and find other characteristics or lessons that you can apply to your everyday life.  

Question: Once you finish reading the book, ask yourself if Matt Damon is really the correct person to fill the role of Watney. Leave your thoughts below, but please no spoilers for the readers of this post who might not have finished the book yet.

The Martian is written by Andy Weir and is available on Amazon for nine dollars.