Update // July 29

Hot! It's that time of year again in South Texas, hot and humid. Dress for the summer outside and the winter inside. Folks this far south keep the AC running at a much cooler temperature than I am used to.

Busy! I found out in early June that my job would no longer be guaranteed. It's amazing how quickly you can turn on the afterburners when needed. Applying for jobs and planning for the future. The biggest goal was to get my house on the market by 1 August, but a bathroom remodel stood in the way. After working relentlessly to finish the remodel the past two or three weeks and with two days left until the end of the month, I'm not going to hit that goal. Hopefully I'm not too far from finishing. 

Learning! Not only am I learning a ton of new skills from remodeling my bathroom (I'm doing all the work myself), I have taken to learning how to successfully promote myself through social media. It's one of the reasons you are hopefully reading this post. I have also been reading more about user experience design (reviews coming soon) and have been introduced to a program called Sketch that I hope to toy around with in the near future. 

Reading! As noted above I read quite a bit as I was finishing up the first half of my summer. I have three books I'd like to share my views on and hope to find the time to sit and write those reviews soon. I am currently reading Start With Why, which has been a difficult read not because of content, but because I am often tired from a day battling with the bathroom or yard work in the heat. Needless to say that it has not been getting my full attention.

Networking! This combines being busy, learning, and reading and adds a bit commenting. I have long had a LinkedIn account and never knew it's true purpose other than an online vitae. In recent weeks I have made a concerted effort to become an active participant in the groups that I have joined offering my advice and asking for others opinion. The conversations are interesting and although I have only made a few connections, I feel that I am contributing to a larger group/community. It's a good feeling and something that the remodel has distracted me from as well. Hopefully I can continue to participate in these conversations as well as others as I move forward. 

Change! Change is coming quickly. You may have already seen a switch in the site. Although still available through a private link, I have removed the work of my students. The move signifies my focus to return to the industry. Metrics showed that those pages were getting hits and I wanted to eliminate any confusion as to how I was presenting myself on the site. Understanding metrics and developing a targeted message is an enormous part of creating the ideal experience that will best serve my audience. Changes online run in-line with changes happening in life. A new job means a new location, another move, selling the house, meeting new people, an adventure; set in motion the second I knew I would be moving on. 

New work! I still have not landed a new job. When I do I won't be able to post that work on this site, but I hope to complete more hypothetical work as well as continue to grow this blog and share with you more of my photos. I am discovering new interests on a daily basis and if they stick I will certainly be posting those on my site. Lastly, for a polite plug, I will continue to accept freelance gigs as long as I am legally able. If you're interested, shoot me an email. 

Time to get back to work. Look for new content soon. I hope everyone is doing well.