Thoughts // What is a designer?

Place a designer in a room of people who know very little about design and you will find yourself in a room filled with graphic designers. With the proliferation of the personal computer and the availability of Adobe software and other desktop publishing software, everyone believes they are a graphic designer. However, remove the word “graphic” from the title and you become a specialized individual who focuses on multiple tasks and works to deliver smart and precise solutions. For design is much more about the process than it is about the actual artifact. In percentages the artifact accounts for, at most, five percent of the creative process. A designer must approach each project as a creative challenge and work his or her way through the task. It is a designer’s responsibility to be an expert in every field; we take on the role of investigator, asking questions and researching until we have found all the necessary answers. We must be an anthropologist, understanding the sensitivities of different people and cultures. A designer is much more than an individual who creates "pretty things"; we are active participants and interpreters of life.