Friday Favorites

Nice little find here. The Origin of Wonder Woman.

Graphis is now accepting designs for the 2016 Poster Annual. Create an account to enter your work. It is a great opportunity for national exposure. 

–Found this site just today. Ever wonder what an abbreviation stood for? Now you can know. 

What letter should we add to STEM? I believe one academic states that there are so many more letters that need to be added to STEM. I agree. Don't know what STEM stands for check out the link above.

–Thanks to the awesome photos taken by my colleague, Ryan O'Malley, I have discovered the Great Sand Dune National Park. A road trip is in the works.

–Received my first issue of Smithsonian magazine earlier this month and have found another destination to add to the map. Gorgeous Mt. Guadalupe, the highest point in Texas. The article showcases 49 other wilderness areas across America to visit. Good times are ahead. 

–Like to read? Need a good book? Don't know what to read next? Check out Book Pickings which has a vast archive of books ranging in every topic imaginable. An excellent resource to keep bookmarked.