Ideas // Urban Planning Study

Newport News, Virginia is the fifth largest city in the Old Dominion. It's main area of commerce is found off of Jefferson Avenue at Patrick Henry Mall. Every holiday season this area sees increased congestion in automobile traffic. This brief study analyzes the creation of a more pedestrian friendly space by building parking structures and adding green spaces surrounding the existing mall. 

Patrick Henry Mall

Envision a new Patrick Henry Mall. One with two parking garages providing 2,400 covered spaces and paved lots with 900 spots to increase the total beyond the 2011 parking capacity of 3,250. The remaining land could be redeveloped into public parks with seating areas and fountains. 

The image attached assumes that two structures similar to the new four story parking garage at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi, with a capacity of 1,205 spaces each, were built at the rear of the mall near the food court entrance.

Yoder Plaza
Now imagine if the developers of Yoder Plaza had considered building this shopping center with pedestrians in mind. Instead of a large, vast parking lot, the two main retail buildings would face each other forming a pedestrian corridor. Three parking garages surround the area providing ample spaces for visitors. An additional entrance to the complex is added next to Barnes and Noble increasing traffic flow in and out of Yoder Plaza.