N. McMillan, Designer/Educator

N. McMillan, Designer/Educator

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I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor with the University of Central Oklahoma's Department of Design and have the pleasure of working with students at various levels. Previously, I have also had the opportunity to work in the respective graphic design departments at the Art Institute of Houston and Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. My four years at James Madison University prepared me for a graphic design career in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, and later, my studies at Savannah College of Art and Design introduced me to the importance of design theory. It was through these experiences where I developed a deep-rooted passion for the industry and eventually design education. 

Focused on culturally relevant design, print-based media, and brand systems, I am continually in search of new opportunities where I can utilize and expand my extensive knowledge of graphic design. I am looking for new adventures, to gain perspective and help others understand the importance of graphic design in their culture. 

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Currently Reading

Linchpin, Seth Godin
The Designed World. Edited by Richard Buchanan, Dennis Doordan and Victor Margolin.



AIGA :: Member :: 04/2010–Present



Nicholas has excellent design skills and expertise in a wide variety of applications. His experience as a professional designer proved to be most valuable in his success in the classroom. His real world experience fully prepared the Graphic Design students for the next step in their careers in the field.
Jack Gron, Professor of Art, Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
August 12, 2015

Nicholas has tremendous insight and experience when it comes to graphic design and thoroughly shares with his students. He encourages his students to work beyond what they are capable of and pushes their limits to achieve great things and develop amazing work. He is very understanding and open-minded. He approaches each situation as a fresh opportunity for something greater. Nicholas is a wonderful professor and individual to work with.
Diem Le, Senior Production Designer, Adcetera
May 3, 2012

Nicholas has a strong sense for design layout and composition. He is meticulous and pushes himself to excel at everything he does. He engaged in active discussion and provided feedback that was encouraging and critical at the same time. Nicholas’ penchant for writing and interest in diverse cultures gave birth to an extremely relevant thesis study and will lead the education system to a more relevant method of teaching international audiences. I would strongly recommend Nicholas as a design teacher or a designer, as he would prove to be a skilled member within any organization. 
Bhumika Shah, Senior Designer, Lowe World Wide
October 5, 2010


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