N. McMillan, Design Educator

N. McMillan, Design Educator

Nicholas McMillan is a designer and artist originally from Newport News, Virginia.

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The youngest of three and my mother's only son, I grew up with full support of my parents to explore my creativity through the arts. My mother nurtured my artistic talents and provided me with the inspiration and motivation to pursue an education in the arts. My four years at James Madison University prepared me for my career as a designer in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. It was through these experiences where I developed my deep-rooted passion for the act of designing, however it would be in graduate school where I would develop my passion for design itself. 

After two years of intense study, I received a MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design where I established the importance of design theory and the necessity of further research within the creative industry. I also found that I had an interest in the education of the next generation of designers. An interest I owe to my father. An early advocate of the use of technology in local educational systems, his belief of the importance of education and how it functions offered great influence and insight.

For the past five years I have focused on working with my many talented students as an academic in Texas. I have shared in their failures and successes and have enjoyed mentoring them as they begin their new adventures in the field of design. During this time I maintained an understanding of how the industry is evolving, which has led to an exploration to better understand the practical application of research methodologies in user experience design. Furthermore, using my knowledge of both the design industry and academia, I am looking to propose and develop better processes to educate tomorrow's designer; including reformatting the traditional academic path to become a designer and professor. 

Focused on idea-centered design, print-based media, and non-traditional design applications, I am looking for a new opportunity that will best utilize and expand the knowledge I have built throughout my career. I am ready for a new adventure, one that will take me anywhere and everywhere, to increase my perspective and learn more about the importance of design in every culture. 

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Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff



AIGA :: San Antonio Chapter :: Member :: 04/2010–Present
College Art Association :: Member :: 09/2010–09/2013



Nicholas has excellent design skills and expertise in a wide variety of applications. His experience as a professional designer proved to be most valuable in his success in the classroom. His real world experience fully prepared the Graphic Design students for the next step in their careers in the field.
Jack Gron, Professor of Art, Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi
August 12, 2015

Nicholas has a strong sense for design layout and composition. He is meticulous and pushes himself to excel at everything he does. He engaged in active discussion and provided feedback that was encouraging and critical at the same time. Nicholas’ penchant for writing and interest in diverse cultures gave birth to an extremely relevant thesis study and will lead the education system to a more relevant method of teaching international audiences. I would strongly recommend Nicholas as a design teacher or a designer, as he would prove to be a skilled member within any organization. 
Bhumika Shah, Senior Designer, Lowe World Wide
October 5, 2010

Nicholas is a highly creative and resourceful designer who tackles new challenges with enthusiasm, decisiveness and a constant flow of original and unique ideas. He works extremely well under pressure and has learned through extensive experience how to balance a full plate of projects while consistently meeting deadlines and client expectations.
Dan Peterson, PMP, Web Project Manager, TGD Communications, inc.
March 4, 2007

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