Building a legacy.


Omaha Brewing Company

An early collaboration between myself, Pasaquan, and Omaha Brewing Company has led to the development of multiple projects that has over time helped to develop and solidify the young brewery’s brand.

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Pasaquan, owned by Columbus State University, is the sprawling home to visionary artist Eddie Owens. Through a series of collaborations, we have worked to broaden the reach of Eddie’s influence.

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I am fascinated by the complex simplicity of icon design. Whether developing one-off icons or continually working on my state icons—an ongoing project—each icon offers new challenges.

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Other Works

Design allows us to create work that answers numerous questions sometimes for a client, others in response to our daily lives, and still others serve as creative outlets that solve no problem but satisfy our need to experiment. These are those works.

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What does this look like with three lines of inspirational text.

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Leading through experience.

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